Forest District Wejherowo is a unit of the State Forests. Forest District Wejherowo engaged in business related to the sale of timber, planting, trees, and other products. Nature conservation in the State Forests is carried out on the basis of the Nature Conservation Act of 16 April 2004. (Consolidated text Dz. U. 2009. No. 151, item. 1220, as amended. D.) And the Forest Act of 28 September 1991.
The Forest District Wejherowo nature conservation activities are implemented within the system of nature protection and the environment.
The main task is to:

  • to maintain ecological processes and ecosystem stability, maintenance of biodiversity, geological and paleontological heritage;
  • ensuring continuity of species of plants, animals and fungi, along with their habitats, by maintaining or restoring them to favourable conservation status;
  • maintaining or restoring the favourable conservation status of natural habitats, as well as other resources, objects and elements of nature and the development of appropriate attitudes to human nature through education, information and promotion in the field of nature conservation.
The nature protection and environment is durable, sustainable development. Rational management of the environment allows for the preservation of its assets, and this in turn ensures lasting benefit from the location and values ​​of the area, and so is the basis of its development.